North Wales Caving Club

Clwb Ogofedd Gogledd Cymru


The NWCC maintains the access agreements for all the major caves in North Wales.  These include:

In addition NWCC also maintains access for a number of old lead mines in the area. There have been significant issues with access at some sites in the past so please contact the club for the lastest information.
Access is available to all bonafide clubs provided evidence of BCA (or equivalent) insurance can be provided. This is a requirement set by the landowners of each of the cave systems.

A number of the systems in Minera are locked, again as a condition set by the landowners, however access can easily be arranged by contacting the NWCC Secretary.

Visiting clubs are also welcome to join the NWCC on one of its regular winch trips provided at least four weeks notice is given.